A business built from passion, in a family home.

Who are we?

We are a friendly, family-run business, who were inspired to create this company out of love for teff/taff and the wish to share its unique properties among our fellow Habeshas.

The journey started when we began exploring healthier, gluten-free options to integrate into our family diet. Out of necessity and ease, as well as a desire to assimilate and explore, we had adopted the cuisines of our new countries. Unsurprisingly, when we began searching for healthier foods, our traditional cuisine was not the first that came to mind! We were looking for something grand, healing, and powerful, something mysterious and unknown… But we were looking too far away! The health food that we were seeking, that fulfilled all our criteria, turned out to be very close to home.

As a result of our research, we came to appreciate the true value of our staple foods, particularly teff, and to realise that they are starting to be hailed around the world for their unique and powerful nutritional content. We have learned that teff/taff is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and even vitamin C! Of course, looking back, we cannot believe we did not know all this. Unfortunately, until recently, those of us living in diaspora, did not have easy access to teff and so long ago shifted to making injera with more available, usually wheat-based, alternatives. But now it is time to re-discover our own amazing grain.

Being members of the diaspora has undoubtedly broadened our eating habits. We have integrated into our respective new communities and enjoy a wide range of international foods. And with this experience, we started to see that teff need not be used only for injera. Of course, when craving traditional cuisine, we can turn to injera for a taste of home, but we’ve also been experimenting with using teff to make a sweet cake to go with coffee, or in as protein salad for quick lunch…Teff is endlessly versatile – there are so many options and we are only at the start of discovering them!

Let us help you re-discover a rich, healthy cuisine, by ensuring authentic, highest-quality ingredients. From our heritage towards health and happiness for all!