Our Mission

Connecting you to your culinary heritage …

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Health Benefits of Teff

Naturally Gluten Free

High Fibre

Complete Protein

Low GI

High Nutrients

About Us

We are a friendly, family-run business, who were inspired to create this company out of love for teff/taff and the wish to share its unique properties among our fellow Habeshas.

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What People Say About Us

I have been using Birkuta Teff for over a year. I am very satisfied with the exceptional quality of their product. I have received valuable guidance on how to make Injera as it was my first time. I am happy with the products and services provided. I highly recommend it for any one looking for quality Teff.

T Yemane / London

Absolutely recommend Birkuta Teff. I have been using it for more than 2 month now and found it to be an excellent product. Also the support I got from the team in baking it into injera was priceless. Totally recommended it!

S. Habtom / London

I tried making Injera with store bought flours and ended-up disappointed on so many occasions. This changed when I was recommended to try Teff from Birkuta. I have been enjoying Brown Teff from Birkuta for the past 2 years now. I was given a recipe (fool proof) by one of the team and it comes out so beautifully EVERY time. Delivery is fast and the support is very professional. It is a MUST try!

W Zerayacob/ Scotland